"Blast Off"
   Recycled Acrylic             Mixed Media        on Canvas

  8417 King Arthur's Court
Montgomery, Texas 77316

What is Imaginart?
Marilyn Balke-Lowry has named her creations Imaginart!  She awakened her passion for art in the form of "imaginary realism," experimental abstract pieces. Her love and respect for our planet has led her to incorporate recycled objects into beautiful artwork.
How is Imaginart created?
Currently her work is with water media, primarily acrylics, and includes found objects, jewelry, stones, recycled paints and fabrics.  She continues to experiment with many surfaces and effects, and often includes iridescent and metallic paints on her papers, canvases and wooden surfaces.  Imaginart creates itself, and her completed piece may be totally different from anything she had envisioned..
What is Marilyn's background?
Marilyn has a Bachelor's Degree from Sam Houston State University and a Master's Degree from University of Houston. She has studied art since her retirement from counseling and education, through classes, private lessons, and continued involvement in workshops and shows with other artists.
Why is Imaginart unique?
Each creation comes not from a thought but from a feeling, and through a wide range of expression.  All come from her positive, upbeat outlook on life, as her career in counseling has taught her. "I like to make art fun and to create joy and peace in the lives of others," she states.  Marilyn's variety of techniques mirrors the variety in her life, and her approach is with the same zest as she experiences life!
Where has she previously shown and sold her work?
Heritage Hall, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank
Continental Building, Downtown Houston
Rotunda Gallery, St. Luke's United Methodist Church
One Allen Center                     Three Allen Center
Woodlands Gallery                   Eastman Gallery
Vintage Park                            Conroe Medical Center
Conroe Art League Gallery        Phoenix Tower

What's on the Wall?
  Recent Awards:

Conroe Art League, Fall Show Abstract/Experimental 2nd Place

Conroe Art League, Spring Show Mixed Media 1st Place, Abstract/Experimental 2nd Place

Visual Arts Alliance, 29th Juried Exhibition, Honorable Mention